TAP (Talented Athlete Programme)

The Talented Athlete Programme supports the development of dedicated and ambitious athletes who have excelled at their sport at national level and been endorsed by their coach or National Governing Body.

What can we offer?

  • A grant of up to £1000 (tailor made to suit successful applicant - which will include competition entries, travel costs, equipment hire)
  • Reasonable academic flexibility
  • Free gym membership at Club Pulse Fitness
  • Free Talented Athlete Goldsmiths Kit
  • Media promotion


Applications for the Talented Athlete Program (TAP) MUST demonstrate the following:-
  • Have been offered a place at the Goldsmiths University
  • Have completed an application form
  • Demonstrate the potential to compete a National or International level
  • Compete in the British Universities & Colleges of Sport (BUCS) League in your sport (if offered by BUCS)
  • Submit a letter of recommendation from their coach and/or Governing Body of your sport to support your application.

Selection Process

A panel from staff from the Activities Department at the Student’s Union and an elected sabbatical officer with sit on the panel to choose the successful applications.

Deadline for applications is the 31st October 2019.

We can currently sponsor up to 6 sport scholarship athletes per year. We can close applications early once we have received suitable applicants.

Athlete Agreement

• Compete for Goldsmiths in BUCS competition (if you participate in a BUCS sport)
• Compete in BUCS Nationals (if appropriate)
• Be actively involved in the Goldsmiths club related to their respective sport
• Pro-actively engage in marketing and promotional activities for Goldsmiths University for example, Open Day
• Commit to specified ambassadorial activities for Sports Coordinator
• Maintain and improve their current performance level (as described in the application)
If you fall ill or incur an injury during your award year, your award will be reviewed and support allocated based on your immediate needs.
Students not adhering to the Service Level Agreement above will have their award immediately cancelled at the discretion of the Sports Coordinator and Sabbatical Officer team.


How Can I Apply

You will need to complete an application form and submit your Goldsmiths student ID number. If you have any questions please call the Students' Union on 0207 717 2511.