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Alumni Sports

Stay involved with Goldsmiths Sports by joining or creating an Alumni Club

The friendships made through your involvement in sport at Goldsmiths last well beyond graduation. We are working to grow our alumni community where alumni regularly meet up to participate in their respective club activities. Once the network is developed, we are hoping to initiate a variety of networking and fundraising activities alongside the college. Events we are looking to introduce in 2020/21 include an alumni karaoke and quiz night & alumni vs current student fixtures.


"During my time at Goldsmiths, I formed some of my best memories and closest friendships whilst playing for the Men's Football teams. After hearing about the alumni side from mates who had graduated, getting involved was a no-brainer. I completed my English degree this summer, and in an uncertain time for recent graduates, Oldsmiths offers a welcome bit of stability, promising regular football and a chance to meet new faces and catch up with old ones. It's a friendly, diverse and competitive environment and we're always looking for new players to join up".

        ~ Fred Garratt-Stanley

Current Alumni Teams 

Oldsmiths (Mens Football)

Greyhounds (Mens Rugby) 


This section will be developed as alumni submit information to our office. Please send us any relevant memories you have as well as any photos or documents (programmes/annual awards dinner documents, images league tables etc) that you want to share here to: 

Please include: -

  • Your full name/course you studied, position in club (i.e Captain/Striker)
  • What being a part of a Goldsmiths Club has meant to you
  • Your most memorable moment(s)

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