Goldsmiths English PEN Society

Goldsmiths English PEN Society- a student hub for the NGO English PEN- promoting and supporting free speech, literature and human rights worldwide.

Goldsmiths English PEN Group is a student-led subgroup of English PEN. 

Founded in 1921, and now one of the oldest human rights groups still in existence, English PEN has attracted some of the greatest writers across the 20th and 21st centuries in their campaign for free expression. They work within prisons, on translation programmes, alongside refugees and soldiers and with young people, too. PEN International has 145 centres globally and campaigns to defend writers and readers all around the world whose human right to freedom of expression is at risk. 

This societies' aim is to harness the student movement in English PEN's fight for free speech, and to hold events at Goldsmiths and in tandem with other Student PEN centres across the city. 

We will campaign with the writers at risk programme.

We hold talks, writing workshops, debates and open spoken word nights around a differing monthly theme. We update our Facebook page with events.

Hold a blog as a platform for members submissions and hold yearly writers competitions 

Create a community in love with freedom of written and spoken language and cultivate a world without restriction in a person's own expression, be it through government, language barriers, imprisonment or an inability in themselves.

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