Societies are groups of like-minded students who get together to share their interests. If there isn't one that takes your fancy, you can start your own at two points in the year. First though, check our list of societies and communities and ensure you're not duplicating something. If it already exists - join it!

How to set up a new society or community:

There's a four-step process to set up a Society or Community:

  1. Fill in the Societies Application form below before 10 August 2019.
    You need to give us all the details about your new group. We'll review the Society and be in touch by 15 August 2019.
  2. Complete the Society Committee Member Details Form by 20 August 2019.
    If your application is successful, we'll email you a form that needs to be filled in by every President/Chair, Treasurer and Secretary (and any additional committee members) of your Society by 20 August 2019. 
  3. Come along to mandatory training on the 19 September 2019.
    Every Society must send at least three people from their committee to training before Welcome Week (October). 
  4. We'll add your Society or Community to the website and give you the ability to add and update information. Now you're ready to go, and students can start joining your group.
  5. Your new Community/Society will have a stall during Welcome Week 2019!

Apply here

Resources for society and community committees:

Click here for everything you’ll need to successfully run a society or community – from room bookings to event management and finance.


Resources for Sports Club Committees:

Click here for everything you'll need to run your own Sports Club – from managing BUCS and LUSL fixtures, to sorting finances and communication.