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  • Men's Tennis Competitive Membership£80.00
  • Womens Tennis Competitive Membership£80.00
  • Mixed Tennis Competitive Membership£50.00
  • Tennis Social Membership£30.00
  • Tennis - 1 Academic Term£25.00

Other Products

  • Tennis Members - Team Hoodies£40.00

We are relatively new and growing club. We have 2 outdoor courts on campus, newly refurbished, which will allow students and staff a convenient and accessible facility to play tennis all year round.

Our aim is to help members achieve their best both on and off the court by creating a welcoming and supportive tennis community. 

Off the court, we hold social events for all our members every first Saturday night of the month(after matches). Often, these socials take us the pubs around our campus for a drink and a catch up but also include events such as pooling or laser tag and our annual trips to watch live tennis at the ATP Tour Finals and Wimbledon. 

Tennis club practice sessions are led by LTA qualified Coaches who bring a versatile coaching style to accomodate all abilities.

There are various membership options so wheather you want to compete or play recreationally you just need to pick what suits you!



  • Access to weekly social coaching sessions 
  • Limited number of rackets provided for coaching
  • Free access to courts 
  • For beginners and advanced players



  • Access to weekly coaching sessions (Team)
  • Free access to courts 
  • Option to enter competitions
  • Mixed matches will be held on Saturdays



  • Access to weekly coaching sessions (Team)
  • Free access to courts 
  • Option to enter competitions
  • Training kit included (Clothes, Balls, Grips etc.)
  • Access to indoor court twice a month (winter time only) 
  • Matches for both men and women will be held on Wednesdays


Training hours

TEAM: Tuesday 12.30-2pm

BEGINNERS: Sunday 12-1pm

ADVANCED: Sunday 1-2pm


Tennis Courts

The courts must be booked via the College Estates team, please email: 



For any enquiry feel free to contact us via our social media!