• Mountaineering Termly Membership£10.00
  • Mountaineering Club Membership£20.00

Hello rock climbing and hiking enthusiasts!

Welcome to the Goldsmiths Mountaineering Club! 

We are a beginner-friendly club comprised of both recreational and competitive climbers and mountaineers. 

So far, we have two informal training sessions per week and we climb on other days too. Our sessions are extremely relaxed and friendly, so don't worry if you don't want to attend every session - that's completely fine. (We'd like to see your face every so often though!) 

Official sessions
- The Arch Building One on Wednesday afternoons
- The Arch Building One on Friday afternoons

Don't worry, the Arch gym is in Bermondsey, which is extremely close to uni.
Sometimes, we like to change things up and head to other gyms, go outdoors for some fun! Look out for updates and events on Facebook!

For the whole year, it's just £20! Membership entitles you to use of our climbing equipment (including use in personal trips), invitations to and subsidies for our socials, climbing trips and competitions! It will also entitle you to BMC privileges, including liability coverage and access to huts.
For associate membership (alumni/ other schools), please contact us personally. 

Climbing Trips and Socials
We've done several trips to Fairlop Waters Boulder Park, CWIF in Sheffield and Southern Sandstone. We've watched Reel Rock 10 and had several movie nights and potlucks! Plans for trips to Portland, Fontainebleau and North Wales are in the works. Don't worry if you don't come regularly for trainings; these trips are open to everyone!
Lots of banter provided on all events.

If you have any questions,  email us at Also follow us on our instagram @gsmithuol.climb to see what we've been up to!

**Updates on trainings go on our facebook and WhatsApp group! Email us your contact if you'd like to be added to the group and our mailing list.


We are filling in the BMC (British Mountaineering Council) affiliation forms and we need the addresses of all of our members. Please send us your address when you've signed up for membership by emailing us at Thanks!