Vogue Society

Studemt lead Vogue Society at Goldsmiths. We love Voguing and aim to share and promote Voguing culture, history and technique among the The college.

  • Walk In Vogue Class£3.00
  • Vogue Society Termly Renewal£20.00


We are a student lead society dedicated to spread Vogue culture, history and technique. This year we will have the amazing Jay Jay Revlon teaching for us on a weekly basis <3


Time: 4-5pm Fridays

Location: The stretch (2nd floor of the SU, right next to the staircase)

On the classes we talk about Voguing culture and the London scene, we warm up and go through the 5 elements of Voguing technique, ending it on choreography. It is a beginners class that will progress to intermediate as the group advances. 

Students are welcome to bring their sassiest heels or coolest trainers. Bring something sexy but don't forget its a class that will keep you on the move so bring something you are comfortable moving on around.

Memberships and Prices:

You will need a membership to be part of the class except on the day of the try out session. 

1. Term Membership: £20 includes the membership amd all the classes of the term.

2. Simple Membership: £5 includes only the membership.

3. Walk-in class:£3 includes just one class.



Find us on Facebook as Goldsmiths Vogue Society for the latest updates!!






  • Vogue Society Standard Membership£5.00
  • Vogue Society Term Membership£20.00


  • Vogue Society Standard Membership£5.00
  • Vogue Society Term Membership£20.00