South Asian Society

♦ South Asia Society ♦


The South Asia Society at Goldsmiths University gives you a very warm welcome. 

Over the past few years the South Asia Soc has remained dormant. However, with a new committee this year, the society will play a more active role. This is a society in which we not only hope that the mentoined groups feel welcome and engaged but to share our cultures with those seeking to learn more or just to have some fun.


Stay connected to us via Facebook or E-Mail for the latest events and announcements. However, be sure to join the society on the SU page (the page you are on now) to stay in the loop.


Thank You

Bilal Hanif (President) 

Asima Zainab (Vice-President)

Tima Jeylaani (Treasurer)

Mansoor Ahmad (Events Manager)

Azmeh Adeel (Marketing Manager)





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  • P.I.B Membership£0.00