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Anime & Games Society

A Community for Gamers and Anime fans. We hope to create a space where people can watch/discuss Anime, play video games and connect with others with similar interest.

The Goldsmiths Anime & Games Society is here to connect you with other gamers and anime fans. We hope we can create a space where people with similar interest can bond and connect over activities they enjoy partaking in.


Everyone is welcome! Even if you've never watched anime before or never played a video game in your life! We welcome and have games for everyone, both casual and hardcore fans alike. 


Anime: At the beginning of every session we will try to screen an anime that is currently airing, this way we can watch the story unfold together and share in the oohs and aaahs. For those who wish to watch older shows, we will have some days where we binge those too in a dedicated anime only session. If there is a show currently airing that you would like us to get into, feel free to let us know.


Games:  After the anime episode has finished, we will put on some games for people to play together. As you probably know, there are a wide range of games out there; the games will most likely be multiplayer, so more people can join in on the fun. One of them will be screened on the big lecture screens! Some of the games we intend to play are:

  • Super Smash Bros
  • Mario Kart
  • Rock Band
  • Just Dance
  • League of Legends
  • Tekken 7
  • and many more!

If there are any games you play that are not on that list, we are sure you will be able to find other people who also play your games too at the society. If not, you could always try to get the members into your game!


Events: Anime/Movie screenings, Fighting Game tournaments, Dinner nights. Trips to events such as MCM comic con/ Anime Con or other events that members may be interested in.

When: we will be meeting every week on tuesdays from 6pm onwards at room 218 at the Whitehead building. these are for the standard sessions. for events such as tourneys/anime only/going out days you will need to follow the facebook page for updates on when those are.

Membership: £3

(*Feel free to join us at a taster session, free of charge!*)



To get in contact with the Anime & Games Society, join their Facebook page for all updates and information, or email us

(facebook group will be be fixed up in a few days)


If you would like to contact the committee member directly, contact

President - Nok (

Secretary - Dennis (

Treasurer - Tuan (



Hope to see you there!

Goldsmiths Anime & Games Society.



  • Anime Membership£3.00


  • Anime Membership£3.00