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Anime & Games Society

A place where anime fans and gamers can feel comfortable and share their passion! Anyone is more than welcome to join :))))


Anime & Games Society

A place where anime fans and gamers can feel comfortable and share their passion! Anyone is more than welcome to join :))))

We hope we can create a space where people with similar interest can bond and connect over activities they enjoy partaking in! >.<

Everyone is welcome! Even if you've never watched anime before or never played a video game in your life! We welcome and have games for everyone, both casual and hardcore fans alike. 

Anime: We would like to aim to watch a currently airing anime (everyone gets to vote which one)  together so that we can watch the story unfold together with no spoilers or pre knowledge beforehand. However, we don’t want to just limit ourselves to currently airing anime, we can also host anime movie night one a fortnite (hahah number one victory royale-), or if people want to watch some older series, you are more than welcome to suggest! 

We would also like to offer cosplay workshops sessions where we can help each other to cosplay and hopefully we can do cosplay photoshoots as well! (the president has some skills in photography)

Games: After the anime episode has finished, we will put on some games for people to play together. As you probably know, there are a wide range of games out there; the games will most likely be multiplayer, so more people can join in on the fun. We can offer to screen games and tournaments so everyone can have fun! We will play games such as; LoL, Valorant, Mario Kart, Just Dance, Smash Bros, Mario Party and more! 

The games we have listed are suggestions, we are open to different games. Moreover, if there are games you would like to play with others which we can’t accommodate to everyone, we have a public discord where you can look for people who play the same game! 

Events: Anime/Movie screenings, E-Sports tournaments, Dinner nights, cosplay events/photoshoots. Trips to events such as MCM comic con/ Anime Con or other events that members may be interested in.

When:Mondays 6-8pm

Membership: £2! 


To get in contact with the Anime & Games Society, follow our Instagram (@golds.animegaming)   for all updates and information, or email us directly at:


If you would like to contact the committee member directly, contact

President - Heidi

Vice-President - Cris

Secretary - Ingrid


 Hope to see you there!

Goldsmiths Anime & Games Society.

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  • Anime Membership£2.00

(Hikari Kaneko - Our society mascot <3)