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Goldsmiths English PEN is about create a community in love with freedom of written and spoken language and cultivate a world without restriction in a person's own expression, be it through government, language barriers, imprisonment or an inability in themselves.

Supported by English PEN (, in 2016/17 we campaigned for imprisioned writers by sending them postcards, holding our 'Chalk Day' protest and inviting representatives to speak.  We hosted a LGBTQ+ literature night, a women's writing workshop, a debate on Goldsmiths' 'Safe Space' policy and of course we had three brilliant poetry nights, featuring an open mic and great performers like Dan Simpson ( and Joelle Taylor (  

We want to do this all again but we are a organisation run by our members and you can decide where PEN should go next.  We encourage new members to set-up and gain experience of running events and campaigning for freedom of speech.  Message us on Facebook or come meet us at our next event, or you can send an email to  

And as always a massive congratulations and thanks to 2016/17 Society President of the Year Debbie Luxon!