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The concept is based on a weekly gathering of Goldsmiths students to introduce, watch and discuss a film together. Film Society is led in a community-like, friendly and stress-free atmosphere in which we can further investigate screened films and challenge ourselves to understand, listen and debate with others.

Besides the screenings, we are doing occasional social events, such as going to a cinema together, organizing a film pub quiz or a costume party.

The goal of this club is to broaden the horizons of knowledge and open-mindedness of its members, so we invite students from different departments to join the club so that we can share our thoughts and feelings after the screening and lead a calm discussion. As well as the diversity of students' backgrounds and nationalities, the topics of the films are diverse and somehow related to either reoccurring themes at the Goldsmiths discourse (LGBTQ+, social media, environment and ecology, society and politics and so on) or students' problems and well-being (for instance, mental health issues or housing). 

Join Film Society, find new friends and connections beyond your department, share your opinions, broaden your film knowledge and unwind with a film after a long day!