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Comic and Graphic Novel Society

The objective of our society is to discuss and introduce our members to a range of comic books and graphic novels, ranging anything from Marvel, DC, Image Comics, Titan Comics, and many more. In our society, we will be exploring a range of genres from action adventure, horror, mystery dramas, comedy, fantasy, romance, superhero, and sci-fi. There will be a focus on the appreciation of the art in all of its forms and will be discussing the creativity of the comics we discuss - regardless of what country they’re from. There will be a focus on introducing our members to a range of international and independent comics and graphic novels, that aren't as well known in mainstream media. You can be the biggest comic book nerd in the world, or you might have never even touched a comic in your life, our society is welcome to anyone who has a passion for any types of comics and graphic novels, or learn more about different types of comics and graphic novels in general, in a happy and supportive environment.

Join us for trips to comic book shops, comic and graphic novel themed events, book signings and pub/cafe socials.


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