Read about the Alumni and Friends Fund and the Sports Hardship Fund...

Student Group Funding

Read about the Alumni and Friends Fund and the Sports Hardship Fund...

Alumni and Friends Fund

Previously the Annual Fund, the Alumni and Friends Fund is available to both students and staff at Goldsmiths.

Since 2009 Goldsmiths alumni and friends, including past and present staff, have donated more than £390,000 to Goldsmiths. Through the Alumni and Friends Fund (formerly the Annual Fund), their generosity has supported more than 340 important projects and provided vital funding for students facing financial hardship. Recent projects supported by alumni and friends include:

  • The Conversation Booth, a mobile recording booth and online archive that creates a space for new conversations and encounters between members of the community.
  • Hibr: Festival of Arab Poetry, the UK’s first poetry festival of exclusively Arab poems hosted by award winning Goldsmiths’ English PEN Society.
  • Listen: Giving a Voice to Refugees, a pop-up sound installation telling the stories of refugees through 20 suspended headphones.
  • Dedicated Listeners, allowing students to drop by and be heard on any subject by a trained listener.
  • Remembering & commemorating the 1977 Battle of Lewisham, a series of community engagement events celebrating local diversity and activism in August 2017.
  • Learn a Language which encourages the development of foreign language skills among students and staff while providing a means to connect and socialise Goldsmiths’ diverse linguistic and cultural community.

Both staff and students are eligible to apply and the funds will be available twice a year – during the spring and autumn terms. 

You can download the terms and conditions for the Alumni and Friends Fund here. All Goldsmiths’ student awards are accessed via the Students’ Union. All Goldsmiths’ staff awards are accessed via their respective Departments. All Goldsmiths’ staff recipients are required to read and comply with the College's Expenses Policy and must liaise with their Department Business Manager in advance of spending any funds, in order to agree the processes they are required to follow regarding reimbursement.


Eligibility Information 

Can I pay people a salary from the Alumni and Friends Fund?

No, unfortunately you cannot. This is outlined clearly in the Terms and Conditions: “It will not consider any applications that require the payment of any temporary or permanent salary or fee including speaker fees.”

Can I pay for travel from the Alumni and Friends Fund?

No. This is outlined clearly in our Terms and Conditions, “It will not consider any applications that require paying travel costs for one individual. Reasonable expenses may be covered if clearly specified in the budget and do not represent the core of the budget.”

If my last application was unsuccessful, can I apply for the fund again?

Yes, of course. Applications are often rejected when they do not fit the Terms and Conditions of the Alumni and Friends Fund, so please check that they meet the requirements.   

How can I make sure my application is successful?

Read the terms and conditions! If your project fits perfectly within the terms and conditions, it has a higher chance of being accepted by the panel. We also ask:

  • The panel want to see exactly what you are spending the money on, so make sure your budget is detailed and accurate.

  • Think about how many people your project will impact and why it will impact them. If your project is only impacting a small number of people, think of ways to expand your reach.

  • When you are writing your proposal, think about what would make your project appealing to a donor. Remember, the fund is donated to by Goldsmiths Alumni and Friends!

The applications for the Spring round of the Alumni and Friends Fund has now closed.


Sports Hardship Fund


We understand that joining a sports club can be quite expensive. The sports hardship fund has been made available to provide financial assistance to students for the full or partial cost of membership to a sports club. You can only make an application for membership of one sport club per academic year.

This is a depletable fund so when it finishes there will not be any money available until the next academic year. You can apply for the Sports Hardship Fund at any time of the year.

Application Process

Once we receive your application you will be asked to come into the Students’ Union for an informal meeting to talk over your application. You do not need to bring over any documentation.

How To Apply

Please complete this form here. 



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