2019/20 Criteria


We’re really keen to find ideas that build academic communities at Goldsmiths - but our budget is limited and every event has to be clearly justified to under the following criteria. For an idea/event to be funded it will need to do at least one or both of the following:


Community Based: 

Facilitate the sense of community within an academic department or cohort/module. By community we refer to a group of people who care about each other and feel that they belong together. This can be done by providing spaces or activities for friendship building and skills development, in addition to facilitating general peer support

Example of a past event: 

‘Around the world’ mixer - through sharing with their class their native cultures and taking part in similar activities to do so, the group of post graduate ICCE students were able to feel closer to each other and therefore develop on the sense of community.


Academic Based: 

Provide opportunities for students to engage with activities that support their degree programme content, but are not part of the standard curriculum. This includes careers/options related events.

Example of a past event: 

STaCs drama therapy workshops - An external therapist came in to run workshops that aligned with principles the students had learnt in theory on their course (dance movement therapy).


Your initial application doesn’t have to be perfect, and we are always happy to work with you on the details. To avoid you wasting time, here are some examples of things we would not fund:

  • We do not fund events retrospectively. All applications should be made for events in the future.
  • We only fund event ideas from current students and staff (this will be checked).
  • We do not fund any activity or event that makes a profit, is for individual financial gain, or is solely for the promotion of an existing club/society.
  • We do not fund excursions outside of London or travel expenses outside of reasonable means.
  • We do not contribute to student exhibitions or any event that is a compulsory component of a module/course.


If you have any questions about your idea and the eligibility criteria, please don’t hesitate to contact the academic communities coordinator at academiccommunities@goldsmithssu.org