Previous Annual Projects


Student Voice Report 2020 


Teaching and learning - the student prospective.

Retention - why students drop out and what we can do.

Student communities - why they are important and how we create them.


Transparency, including how decisions are made and how money is spent at Goldsmiths.

Student feedback and how it is responded to, including the efficacy of module evaluations and student-staff forums.

The experience of student parents at Goldsmiths.

How students are communicated with by their departments, the Students' Union, and the College.

Campus space, and whether the needs of students are being met.

The BME attainment gap, including why it exists and what can be done.

The experience of international and EU students.

Mental health and wellbeing at Goldsmiths.



Course management, including timetabling, communications and facilities.

Campus space.

Student voice, looking into student representation at Goldsmiths.

Learning, teaching and the curriculum.

Student life, focusing on Goldsmiths Students' Union.

Mental health and wellbeing.



Work Placement & Erasmus

Options & Modules

Goldsmiths Community

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Learning & Teaching Spaces



Assessment and feedback


Welcome Week 2015

The experience of mature students at Goldsmiths

Teaching and learning spaces on campus

Student mental health and disability





Hidden Course Costs and Communication

Joint Honors

Learning Resources

Learning Spaces and Teaching

Option and Module Choices

Student Support